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A few weeks ago I learned the theory of the big bang changed while no one was looking.

Previously I’d been told my entire life that all we know began in a singular moment. I was aware that “how” this happened was up for renewed debate. Then suddenly at some point it was agreed the “universe” is always believed to be here and multiple, unknown blasts occur. Each sprawling out matter across this dimension, and possibly others. Personally I don’t have a problem with this, as it makes more sense. Though again the how and why leave too many unacceptable plot holes for any thinking person.

However since that revelation, it suddenly dawns on me. This would leave room for other beings like us in ways we had not previously fathomed, who are also literally eons older than us. More than anything else that thought terrifies me just a bit.

A story we cannot begin to tell.

Somewhere out there, possibly standing right in front of us, is something so old and advanced (if you want to call it that), that it cannot be assigned a number. A description cannot be assigned. With a history even it may have forgotten several times.

What exactly are we to them? It gives me the creeps.

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